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It was attempted rape by Four in her fear simulation.


….Why would they…that wasn’t rape in the book, if I remember right? It was just a fear of being intimate in general. Ick. Icky ick ick.



If you’re going to see Divergent, be aware that it contains a fairly unexpected and graphic rape scene.

They made a bad story even worse. That’s just…wow. Wow. 

Reblogging this because some of you guys might have planned to see this movie. 

Is it an actual rape scene, or attempted rape? Cause the latter was actually in the book, and I’m wondering if they decided to make it even worse.

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Paradise Lost (For people who don’t wanna read Paradise Lost)

Book I

Hi! I’m Milton! I’mma tel you about Genesis because I somehow think I tell the story better than the Bible (and I kinda do). I’m gonna thank the muses for a while, even though I’m Christian and I’m not supposed to be doing that pagan ass shit. Aight, time for the story: there was a war in Heaven that it would be really cool if I showed you, but I’m not gonna, cause fuck you. Satan tried to stand up against God and we all know how well that went (hint: poorly), so God made Hell just to hold him and his cronies and it’s not really in the core of the Earth cause Earth isn’t a thing yet; it’s just kind of there? Don’t think about it too hard. All the Demons are sitting around having a meeting about how much it sucks that they’re in Hell now and for some reason Satan is still in charge, even though that ended super badly last time. Satan is really cool; I totally have a boner for him, and I use him to say all the anti-parliamentary things I really wanna say but can’t cause they’re throw me in jail again, and he says chill shit like “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven” because hell yeah Satan! Also it gets really confusing because there’s a dude named Beelzebub and that’s another name for Satan but it’s not him for some reason; also a lot of other old gods are here for some reason? Apparently I think different gods are actually demons, but only those weird Egyptian and Middle Eastern gods, not the good Greco-Roman ones cause I’m actually kind of an asshole.

Book II

The meeting is still fucking going on for some reason. Satan has heard that God is up to some new shit and wants to find out what it is. He very graciously volunteers to be the scout (really I think he’s just tired of this circle jerk of a meeting). Satan takes off for the surface and you get a sweet glimpse of what hell is like, all dark mountains and dark beautiful lakes and…oh sorry, This place is supposed to suck, right? Uh…it’s really hot. Yeah. Satan’s still fucking flying towards the gates of hell (apparently it’s a long ass flight). Alright, we’re finally there and there’s all kinds of crazy shit at the gate. There’s something that looks like a woman from the waist up, and then just has a terrible black gaping gash of tentacles or some shit and oh my god wtf look away! There’s Hell hounds circling her and barking like mad and every now and then they crawl back up into her uterus and are reborn over and over again (yeah this turns into a horror show for a while, Sorry). Then there’s a giant….thing that I as a poet can’t even fucking describe. Just know it’s big and scary and Satan is just standing there trying not to scream. The terror shape comes at him and tells him he can’t leave and then tries to kill him, and they have to be broken apart by the woman…thing, and it turns out her name is Sin and she’s Satan’s daughter who was born from his head before the war in Heaven and they had a thing and God (who’s a complete dick; you’ll see) just dropped her pregnant ass off at the gate after the war and told her not to move. So she gave birth to the horror shape alone, which is why her bottom half is all jacked up, and his name is Death, and the first thing he does after being born is chase her down and rape her, and the Hell hounds are their kids and it’s all horrible and incestuous and gross. Satan just wants to get as far away from this mess as possible, so he tells her he TOTALLY remembers her and he just needs to jet up to the surface real quick, but he’ll be RIGHT BACK, so if she could please give him the key, that’d be great. And since she’s his daughter/lover, she believes him (good job, God, ya dick), and gives him the key and he flies off and doesn’t look back because would you? There’s some more shit as Satan gets the fuck out of dodge, but it’s unimportant.

To be continued cause this is gonna get long as shit.




Please keep an eye out for John Falkenrich, a 31 year old man who currently resides in Denver, Colorado (hometown of Wadsworth, Ohio)

He is a mentally unstable pedophile and victim blamer, who believes he is a “werewolf king”. He claims there to be 9 entities living inside of him (three of which, including what he calls his “human form”, are listed in the photos above). He also believes he has the power to turn all lesbians straight.

When he was 25, he attempted to rape a 15 year old girl in her sleep, and he later blamed it on her because he claimed she was, unknowingly, a succubus and a vampire who was seducing him just by existing. 
Don’t worry, she kicked him very, very hard in the balls. But, she unfortunately did not report it to the police. John’s fiance at the time (who completely believed his story and even follows along with and engages in his delusions) had also attempted to fight the girl because of it, but the girl came out on top.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN, SIBLINGS, COUSINS, AND ALL OTHER UNDERAGE GIRLS AND BOYS AWAY FROM HIM. One of the “spirits living inside” of him is a woman, so it is crucial to keep both sexes/genders AWAY from him. 

If you spot this man, please let your loved ones know for their own safety.
He has been confronted by authorities on many occasions, but he has been able to get away with his mental instability by saying he is “writing a book”.


*All information on this person was gathered from someone who has known him for years, and from information from his facebook profile. The profile has not been included so as not to encourage harassment. This post is strictly for informational and safety purposes only* 

As someone who used to his roommate and had to deal with his delusions on a firsthand basis I have to emphasize how dangerous and off-kilter his perception is. He is very charismatic and can easily convince less intelligent people that what he believes is true.

Also, be aware he gets 90% of his “beliefs” from pop culture like shows, (buffy, supernatural, etc.) video games, and fantasy books. If you know these genre’s well it will be quite easy to realize what he is saying is full of shit.

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Bloomingdale Library rape survivor goes public with her story →


For years, she was known to the public as the Bloomingdale Library rape victim.

Then, in 2011, her family asked she be called the Bloomingdale Library rape survivor.

Now, she wants people to just call her Queena.

On the night of April 24, 2008, when Queena went to the Bloomingdale Library to return books, she was raped, beaten and left to die. She was 18, about to graduate high school and getting ready to attend the University of Florida on a full scholarship. Her attacker, Kendrick Morris, now 21, was convicted in May 2011 and is serving a 65-year state prison sentence.

Since then, her family and the community have held fundraisers and 5K races to raise money for her treatment, never revealing her name or showing her face.

That’s changing.

On Saturday, the family will launch a new website, The site documents Queena’s life and recovery. It features updates on her progress from her doctors, therapists and her family, photos and a link to donate through PayPal.

The family wanted a way for the public to help Queena, now turning 23, without having to write a check or go to a bank, her mother Vanna, 50, said.

But they wanted a better name for the website than “Bloomingdale Survivor.” Friends offered suggestions like “My Angel” or “Living Angel.” Queena would make a face, with her mouth in the shape of an O, to indicate no, she didn’t like those.

Her sister, Anna, 26, asked her: Did she just want Her face lit up with a smile, Vanna said. They asked her over and over, are you sure you want to use your real name?

She was sure. She wants to be an inspiration, her sister said, not a victim. They decided on

At the request of the family, and because of the nature of the crime, last names are being withheld by the Tampa Bay Times.

The attack left Queena unable to walk, talk, see or eat on her own. She lives at home southeast of Tampa with her mother, who cares for her full time. But she has made some progress, Anna said.

Queena eats pureed foods, can form some syllables and can stand for periods of time with little assistance, Anna said. She has taken a few steps with the help of therapists and is tracking objects with her eyes better.

Her therapies include speech, physical and occupational, aquatic, yoga, neuro-stimulating treatments, acupuncture, massage and music.

Medicaid covers $1,500 per year for speech and physical therapy. But it costs the family about $70,000 a year for all of Queena’s therapies and medical supplies.

Queena has different therapy sessions each week in St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Valrico and Sun City Center. Her mother drives her, and the cost for gas adds up.

The family relies on donations to a fund for Queena through the Bank of Tampa and SunTrust. In the first three years after the attack, donations poured in. People still donate, but every year donations are fewer and fewer, Vanna said. She’s concerned about the fund running dry.

She’s worried about bankruptcy. She’s worried they’ll have to cut back therapies, that she won’t be able to take Queena out as much. When they go out, people talk to Queena and she listens to everyone around her. It’s good for her, Vanna says, because it stimulates her brain.

"I get afraid," she said.

In addition to the website launch, Queena will attend a 23rd birthday celebration her family is holding for her at 1 p.m. Saturday at Keel and Curley Winery in Plant City, with a prayer vigil at 2 p.m.

"Every time her birthday rolls around, we are all reminded of how precious life is," Anna said. "To see the community come together every year, it is very heartwarming and gives the family that extra comfort and motivation to keep pushing forward."

On Wednesday, Queena lay in a hospital bed in her blue room at home, where her physical therapist comes for the day’s session. Her therapy dog, Charlie, a little white Shih Tzu adopted from county Animal Services last year, waits for her in another room. Medical supplies share the shelves with stuffed animals and Gators memorabilia. The therapist works with Queena while her home health aide looks on. He works on her leg muscles while she’s lying down. He props small inflatable balls under her legs and has her push against his hands with her foot.

They slowly help her up so her arms are resting on balls on either side of her. The therapist tells her to look straight ahead. When she’s sitting up, he’ll let go of her for seconds at a time to work on sitting up on her own. He’ll ask if she’s doing okay. She makes a noise to tell him she’s all right.

Paula McDonald of Wimauma helped put together the website. She got to know Queena’s family when her daughter, Kendall, was a senior at East Bay High School last year. Kendall and other students at East Bay, which Queena had attended, helped organize a 5K fundraiser, and McDonald offered to help the family any way she could.

McDonald works in design and communications, and in November got in touch with Full Media, an Internet marketing company in Georgia she had worked with before, to get some tips on how to set up Queena’s website. The company ended up offering to create the site for the family.

"They really stepped up to the plate," McDonald said. "They were really interested in Queena’s story and helping with the website."

McDonald admires the family’s sense of strength and forgiveness, she said.

"For me as a parent, it hits close to home," she said. "Parents of teenage daughters, especially, you never hope to find yourself in that situation."

As kids, Queena and Anna were inseparable, Anna said. Their mother worked a lot, and Anna babysat her sister.

"We played together, slept in bunk beds, took the bus together, went to sleepovers together, crossed the street together," she said. "We were opposites, but we rarely fought."

Her sister was “Miss Bossy,” Anna said. “She cracked me up all the time, and still does. She has a cute, klutzy personality and it’s hard not to laugh at her nonsense.”

Like the time, just after getting her driver’s license, Queena drove her sister to the mall for the first time. She pulled into a parking spot, got out, shut the door, then realized the keys were still in the car. And the car was still running.

"She is the best, most supportive and fun sister I could have ever asked for," Anna said.

Anna has lived with Queena and their mother for the past five years to help with Queena’s care. She’s moving soon, to a house about 15 minutes away. Queena has already staked claim on her bedroom for when she visits.

Queena’s journey has put life into perspective, Anna said.

"It’s almost impossible to have a bad day when I think of everything that she has gone through and the resilience that she shows," Anna said. "Life is about family and community and doing the best you can to positively influence those around you."

"[TW: rape]
When we talk about “teaching men not to rape”, we are not saying that rapists do not understand consent, but rather that rapists are not taught to respect consent — as well as to respect the humanity of the women they might otherwise choose to rape….
When we teach men not to rape because women deserve bodily autonomy and boundaries, then men learn not to rape because rape is wrong and it makes them a bad person. When we teach men not to rape because it’s not necessary and there are lots of other, more valid ways to get sexual gratification, then men learn not to rape because they’ll be rewarded if they don’t. You don’t get cookies for not being a rapist. Nor should you."

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"So fuck you, MRAs. Fuck you for showing up every time women speak, especially about rape and abuse, and trying to make it all about you. Fuck you for derailing threads about the victims of Marc Lépine, a man who screamed about his hatred for feminists as he murdered fourteen women and injured many others, because you also hate feminists and want a fucking cookie for not killing anyone. Fuck you for making rape and death threats against young women who dared to protest a speaking engagement by a man who thinks little girls would enjoy being raped by their fathers if it weren’t for society telling them it’s dirty. Fuck you for whining about how unfair it is that women might wonder if you’re a rapist when you approach them out of nowhere, while completely ignoring how unfair it is that women feel the need to be on guard all the time in public. Or that if we relax and behave normally — drinking, dancing, dressing however we want — you will be the first motherfuckers in line to blame us for getting ourselves raped."


A+++ rant from Kate Harding on the MRA movement and how it’s not actually about the real issues men face, but about putting feminists in their place.

(originally appeared on Jezebel)


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In my end is my beginning.: 5 Mentalities The Perpetuate Rape Culture [TW] →


Rape culture is bullshit, am I right? So, let’s break this shit down logically: how can we dismantle rape culture? One way is erasing ideologies and values that perpetuate rape culture, so below are 5 mentalities that perpetuate rape culture because awareness is key.

5. She’s a Slut

Clutch Phrases:

  • “Sluts deserve to be raped.”
  • “It’s not like she was a virgin.”
  • “Who knows if it was even rape; she’s slept with so many guys.”
  • “You can’t believe a slut.” 

Slut shaming is the foundation for many of the mentalities that uphold rape culture, including She Was Asking For It and Victim Blaming. Bringing a person’s sexual history into question validates the actions of rapists, because, really, any woman can be classified as a slut just by doing, well, nearly anything.Out alone at night? Slut. Drunk? Slut. Dressed up? Slut. Pre-teen wearing make up? Slut. You don’t have to fuck a lot of people to be a slut. Calling someone a slut is often justified when someone dresses a certain way or is of a certain class/race/sexual orientation/body size. Anything and everything can make you a slut, because slut shaming isn’t about what’s “right” and “wrong;” it’s about controlling women’s sexuality and their bodies; it’s about telling them they are worth their vaginas; it’s about making them fearful of sex, their bodies, their own sexualities, and pretty much the world at large. And if you don’t think slut shaming plays a role in rape cases that see trial or are reported, I am not sorryyou are wrong.

4. She Should Learn to Protect Herself

Clutch Phrases:

  • “If more women protected themselves, there would be less rape.”
  • “Give women guns and see how the rape rate drops.”
  • “Do these things/follow these rules to protect yourself and you’ll be rape proof!”

So, okay: maybe that last phrase isn’t word for word, but you’ve all heard the precautions: don’t wear your hair in a pony tail; walk with your keys out; don’t go out alone at night; don’t live alone; don’t wear tight/revealing clothes; beware of men pretending to be police officers, etc. etc. etc. Doesn’t this all sound like the responsibility for rape is being put on the victim? As if you could follow all these strategies and make yourself rape proof. Or as Wanda Sykes joked, leave your pussy at home.

Since you can’t leave your pussy at home, there’s always a lot of talk about how women can carry guns or learn self defense to prevent rape, but as the articulate Zerlina Maxwell so eloquently stated on Fox News this past week:

I don’t think that we should be telling women anything. I think we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there…You’re talking about this as if it’s some faceless, nameless criminal, when a lot of times it’s someone you know and trust…If you train men not to grow up to become rapists, you prevent rape.”

Enough said.

3. She Was Asking For It 

Clutch Phrases:

  • “She was asking for it.”
  • “Women secretly want to be raped.”
  • “She was wearing/doing X so she wanted it.”
  • “She was drinking/doing drugs/out late/without a man/alone.” 

The absolute absurdity that anyone asks to get raped is completely stunning. There is literally nothing a person can do to ask for a heinous act of violence: not dress a certain way, not identify a certain way, not act a certain way, etc. It should be clear by now that these mentalities don’t serve to protect women; they create boundaries in which we are to live policed by the threat of sexual violence. By telling us we cannot go out late or drink or have any sort of life outside of our homes without the threat of rape, you have effectively removed our humanity. There is no autonomy in following a strict set of standards, lest we risk violence and the label of “asking for it.” The myth that some women asked to be raped means that those “some women” behave/look a certain way, and to avoid being raped, a woman should operate inside the boundaries set out by society. Of course, that does not work. Women are raped regardless of age, racesexual orientation, or marital status because rape is not an act of desire/sex; rape is an act of violence. 

2. Boys Will be Boys

Clutch Phrases:

  • “Boys will be boys.”
  • “Rape is biological.”
  • “That’s just the way men are/the world is.” 

When the phrase “boys will be boys” is used in regards to sexual violence, it is normalized. That is, it is assumed that every male identifying person is a rapist. Boys will be boys = that’s the way boys are: they rape. I don’t know about you, but I expect a lot more out of humanity than the innate, biological need to rape. Telling me that men cannot control their “desire” for someone, or must expel the fruit of their loins, or have some “point of no return” removes their capacity for logical thought: dick gets hard; brain shuts off. What’s really going on is that a lot of men don’t see women as people. Yes, you read that right. Objectification leads to dehumanization.(And you can’t commit a crime against an object, can you?) The rationale that “men are that way” or “that’s the way the world is” suggests that women are fish in water: that the threat of violence is an immovable, unchangeable part of society, and that women should learn to deal with it (re: protect themselves/follow the rules) instead of trying to change it. I, for one, I am not buying it. Instead, let’s follow the 5 Ways We Can Teach Men Not to Rape by Zerlina Maxwell.

1. Victim Blaming

Clutch Phrases: 

  • “She didn’t fight/say anything/say no/yell.”
  • “What was she doing there/with that man?”
  • “Why didn’t she try to run?”
  • “What was she wearing/doing?”
  • “Where was she/who was she with?” 

How can a rapist ever be at fault if there are always reasons why the victim is to blame? The entirety of this list all adds up to blaming the person who was raped for being the target of a violent crime. One of the most common arguments (behind, of course, the sexy clothing excuse) is that women do not struggle enough, do not say no, or cannot say no. Listen: silence is not a yes; no is not a yes; only yes is a yes. This bullshit about women “saying no when they mean yes” only perpetuates the mentality that some women are asking for it. Sadly, victim blaming is deeply embedded into society; so far, in fact, that it is often used in the most subtle ways and the most disgusting ways. In turn, rapes are under reported and under prosecuted. And when rapes are reported women undergo an invasive examination of their entire lives while their story is speculated on and their experience discredited.

So, if you find yourself or someone you know falling into one of these mentalities about rape and rape survivors, think about the consequences of perpetuating those ideas, and whether they are really creating the kind of world you want to live in. 

By Angela Page

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