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I'm 23, figuring out my life one day at a time. I like pretty things and cupcakes. Also boobs. Boobs are nice. And so are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs with boobs....not so much. They/their pronouns please, she/her is ok though.






There are few things more terrifying than an Asian woman wielding a slipper/flipflop, especially if that Asian woman is your mother. Rather than ‘putting her foot down’, she lifts it up, snatching that weapon ready to strike. By this point, you know it’s time to run. But be warned, she will pursue. I’ve experienced similar encounters one too many times in my youth. It gives me a good laugh looking back on it.

same with a black woman with a shoe.


My mother is a master of the impromptu weapon…shoe, flop, phone, wooden spoon, pick…name it, and she can wield it like she has trained for a lifetime.

The bolded. 

I swear, the above gifs are almost literally my mother, rollers and all. 

My mom can kick off her slipper and hit you square in the back of the head.

Not even exaggerating. 

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