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Black woman tears up Oakland City Council

(in response to May Day repression of Occupy Oakland and a newly proposed law that would make it illegal for revolutionaries to carry shields and barricades during marches)

“You’re asking why we need our shields for self defense? After a grenade went off behind my head at 12 in the afternoon and gave me something [PTSD] that soldiers coming back from Iraq have? …The policy don’t need to be changed. We’ve got reform crammed so far up our ass it’s clouding our judgement. The police need to be held accountable… and I’m not a nihilist, but I wish I could BURN EVERY FUCKING THING DOWN, except for the houses, so that people could begin to understand that we don’t need this system to survive… There are people being arrested for trying to start farms…!

DON’T SILENCE ME, don’t you fucking DARE. I am SO TIRED… and if you cut off this mic, I’ll still have a mouth… what you’re dealing with is more than rage…

As a black woman, I’m telling you… you’re not serving the people! You’re only serving capitalism. And if you take our shields, the only thing we have left is our second amendment rights— SO IF WE SHOOT BACK…!


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