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Just thought I would add my unpopular opinion into this whole Mulan debacle.

I understand that it may seem oppressive to the Chinese to make an abstract of the classic tale, however it is still meant to be a children’s movie. It’s not meant to be a word for word narrative of the original story. Their target audience was young children in the United States most likely, so “westernizing” the story a bit was done only so that children could get a better grasp on it and stay engaged in the story. It’s not like they took the original story and made the heroine some sweetheart with blonde hair and blue eyes. A child sees the movie as a brave girl who defied what society believed to save her father and her country, even it meant her death. However everyone with a key board seems to think its the most oppressive and offensive movie ever created.

I don’t get it.

Whatever just my two cents.

  1. …Why hello there, really horrible argument about how “if it’s a children’s movie, it’s never racist.”
  2. Also, they marketed it as a Chinese thing. Disney WENT TO CHINA TO DO RESEARCH, OSTENSIBLY TO BE “MORE AUTHENTICALLY CHINESE.”
  3. If you’re going to market something as an authentic Chinese story, and as a portrayal of Chinese culture, and then fuck it all up…that’s fucking racist.
  4. The problem with you being all like “it’s not about racism, it’s about defying society to save her father and her country” is that IT’S CHINESE SOCIETY that Disney is portraying, and THE PORTRAYAL OF SOCIETY IS FUCKED UP. 
  5. The target children weren’t necessarily exclusively american. Disney is a world-wide corporation. That shit was released everywhere. Including China.  Where it was supposed to be a big hit. Instead? Huge flop.
  6. And even if it was supposed to be a “Western” movie, don’t you think it’s weird that your’e justifying perpetuating inaccurate and historically offensive stereotypes simply because “it’s not really the culture we’re portraying that we’re trying to entertain”?  By that logic, it would be OK to show children movies that feature Blackface, as long as it was some sort of fairy tale, and it was really just a dumbed down version of African American culture. (Oh wait…they already DID that…)
  7. Also, your whole “a child doesn’t see that” argument? You’re basically equating all children with some weird-ass white narrative. I can assure you, as a child, I did not see what you saw. And all the people in china who rated the movie that badly? They didn’t see it that way either.
  8. and the whole “we had to westernize it so that people could get a better grasp on the story” thing? That’s also bullshit. Know why? Because it was to the point where THE STORY WAS CHANGED. so how the hell did they “get a better grasp” on the story? And if you’re trying to say “we had to make it more accessible to western audiences,” that’s also offensive…to western audiences AND to chinese culture. Because you’re essentially saying, “White people are too dumb to get this shit unless it’s a stereotype,” and you’re also saying, “cultural relativism and accuracy are unimportant in the face of white people understand and enjoying themselves.”
  9. the whole “well at least they didn’t white wash her” thing? Also bullshit. It’s like you’re saying Mulan is just about appearance. I’ll tell you this: the appearance of Mulan? really fucking racist. It was orientalism in a nutshell. She was Japan-ified with her geisha makeup, and there were several examples of the “buck tooth pigtail” chinese caricature (the clerk? Chi Fu? I’m just saying) in the animation.  Not to mention the really weird placement of the japanese flag on one of the tents. The movie is an exercise in stereotyping and racism. 
  10. Your original tags include “chinese people” I don’t know how to tag this” and “rights,” which makes me think that not only are you a self-entitled, racist apologist, white privileged delusional hypocrite, but you also have no idea what you’re talking about, and have done absolutely no research. If you’re uninformed, shut the hell up before you enter an argument. GET INFORMED before you start attacking people who actually did the fucking research and/or have a personal experience that is far more intimate than yours will ever be.

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